Effective VBS Follow-Up Email Course


Get this five-part email course to jump-start your VBS Follow-Up planning.  You will be equipped to lead your people to love and serve the families that attend your VBS.


Once the VBS dust has settled and you are finally ready to dig through your office to locate your desk again, it is easy to think that the VBS is work is behind you.

And it is.


Failing to have a VBS follow-up plan in place is doing a whole bunch of work – you get me – a WHOLE bunch of work for few results.

VBS is a mission to share the gospel with kids but that cannot be the end of VBS.  There are so many contacts made, so many people in your church, so many opportunities to grasp.  Failing to embrace those is failing to use VBS to its fullest capacity.


Get an simple plan for implementing effective follow-up for your VBS.  You will receive this plan as five emails (plus an introduction).  The steps will be easily put into practice.  You will not be asked to put on another large event.  They will not require a large budget.  Nor will they require inordinate amounts of time.

In addition to five emails, you will receive a simple workbook to help you implement your VBS follow-up plan.  And at the end of the course, you will receive a complete PDF printable of the course so that you can refer to it in future events and VBS planning.  This investment in VBS Follow-Up is something that will benefit you, your church, and many families in your community for years to come.  You will begin to look at VBS with the end-goal in mind.


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